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Nazdar DA Series SV Screen Ink
DA Series SV Screen Ink is a two-part polymerizing screen ink that has been formulated to be extremely flexible and resistant to laundering and dry cleaning as well as ironing. DA Series is highly opaque, extremely flexible and elastic ink for printing and flocking most synthetic and natural textiles, including waterproof nylon and other synthetics having a finish. Pretesting of waterproof nylon is recommended.

The DA Series ink must be catalyzed with DA176 Catalyst before using.

* Cotton
* Cotton Blends
* Synthetics
* Nylon

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MagnaPrint AquaFast 110
Developed as a low temperature cure product for use on temperature sensitive fabrics to avoid migration or shrinkage issues. The MagnaPrint® AquaFast 110 Range consists of following products:

MagnaPrint® AquaFast 110 White – ready-made white opaque paste. Can be used as underbase or top white and pigmented to achieve pastel shades.

MagnaPrint® AquaFast 110 Neutral -– ready-made clear base for strong, bright shades.

The bases are fully compatible with each other and can be mixed in any ratio to achieve the required opacity and brightness of print.

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MagnaPrint HB Range
Due to customers experiencing issues with the poor quality of discharge fabrics, MagnaPrint® HB has been developed as a type of mock discharge system that produces discharge look prints with a soft hand on non-discharge fabric. Printed on top of either a Discharge or AquaFlex White V2 underbase (dependent on fabric). MagnaPrint® HB system can be printed through high mesh counts – up to 120 (305) mesh for best results, and therefore has a very low ink consumption resulting in soft hand and extremely cost-effective prints.

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